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Holocaust Survivor

Anne Frank
Holocaust Photo Album

Joseph Sher


Joseph Sher sits in his front room with his family photographs spread out on a card table. He is one of the minority of Holocaust survivors who have family photographs from before the war. He recovered these photographs from the courtyard of his apartment house, where they had been thrown in a trash heap. Mr. Sher said that he would not be able to remember what his family members looked like without these photographs.

Photo Credit: John Menszer

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Holocaust Survivors

Joseph Sher was one of six children. He was born in Krzpice, Poland. Joseph was taken from his family and sent to work on a highway that Hitler was making. They took him, along with other young men in cattle cars to the site of the new highway. Only three men of 1,000 survived this working condition. A doctor and a professor that worked in a German office saved Joseph from the terrible reign of Hitler.

Joseph's mother and three sisters, Leah, Manya and Frieda were killed in the genocide. Everyday Joseph is reminded of the Holocaust and the terrible memories that he faced. "Some mornings I wake up and I am so worn out I cannot go to work. I am free but I am still in the concentration camp. You go through it again and again," he stated. "Whenever I hear singing, "God Bless America" I have to repeat several times: God bless America. That's Freedom. Nobody is going to bother me here anymore."