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Holocaust Survivor

Anne Frank
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Jeannine Burk


Jeannine Burk when she was 7 years old.

Holocaust Survivors

Jeannine Burk lived in Belgium during the time of World War II. Belgium was supposed to be a neutral area during the war. Treaties were something Hitler looked over. From the time Jeannine was three until she was five she hid in a womans home. Her family was separated and her father placed them in different hiding places. This would be the last time she ever saw her father. Jeannine stated, "I lost a great part of my childhood, simply because I was a Jew."

Jeannine had an older brother, (who was twelve years older) and an older sister, (who was eight years older). Her brother went to a Christian home for boys during his hiding time. Because of osteomyelitis, Jeannine's sister was imobile and couldn't move from place to place very easily.